Sunday, July 24, 2016

With This Pokemon Spy Application Made in Indonesia , You Will Know The existence of Pokemon In radius of 10 KM !

Increasingly, mobile game called Pokemon Go more and more popular among mobile gamers around the world, including Indonesia. But along with the popularity of the middle of the obtained Pokemon Go, a lot of media coverage about the impact of hazards that might occur if the player Pokemon Go unwary with the environment when cool Pokemon hunt. 

 Yups, notification of Pokemon Go, which reads in the danger area makes not a few people immediately tried to catch Pokemon that appear regardless of where he was. Well, based on where, Jenni Irawan a student of the College of Engineering Surabaya (STTS) got the idea to create a map of the location of Pokemon. 

Pokemon Go games supporting applications which were introduced with the name of the Pokemon Spy, programmed to be able to find a Pokemon with a range of up to 10km. Thus, players can Pokemon Go directly to the location of their Pokemon without relying on the sudden notification of the game Pokemon Go. With This Pokemon Spy Application Made in Indonesia , You Will Know The existence of Pokemon In radius of 10 KM! 

In a statement, Jenni revealed that Pokemon Spy program that runs in real time. Thus, allowing it to provide more accurate information on the players to know the location of Pokemon, Pokemon types, as well as how long the Pokemon characters will inhabit those locations. And sure enough, after testing the program Pokemon Spy is presenting information that is accurate. Suppose that when he was in college on the map STTS Pokemon Pokemon Spy showed their character Rattata. Pokemon Go When the application is opened, the Rattata actually appears and immediately be captured by the player. 

Then, if the demands of players Pokemon Go Jenni and her supervisor Reddy Alexandro Harianto, plans to develop Pokemon Spy program with a range of up across Surabaya. Interestingly, Pokemon STTS Spy program is only created Jenni within 4 days. So, you would like to try it?


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