Sunday, July 24, 2016

First Trailer of Justice League Film Has Released

DC Entertainment has just released the first trailer for their latest film, namely the Justice League. Actually we have the hope that we might see a few still photos, maybe a short clip, but Zack Snyder and company dropped a full blown trailer on us. This is most likely not what we would see as a trailer before the movie theater, but has tons of awesome footage, character introductions, and humor. That's right, we said humor, something that is sorely missing from the previous DC Universe films.

The footage shows Bruce Wayne recruiting "warriors" to fight the enemy on the horizon. Because we also see what appears to be a Motherbox buried in the woods, it's probably safe to assume the big bad this is the only Darkseid. Which would also bind to Lex Luthor crazy "ping" at the end of Batman Vs. Superman. This recording along with the instructions that have been imposed so far gives us a pretty strong idea of ​​what to expect. Placing your bets on the New Gods is probably the thing that is quite certain. 

The trailer also gives us our first real glimpse of characters such as Aquaman and The Flash in action. Aquaman is threatened and angry, definitely darker version of the character, though Bruce Wayne showed that he spoke to the fish, so there may be no joke to the cost of this Aquaman. Even Aquaman costume, which you can see in the promo pictures, dark as all hell. It almost looks darker than Batman. Probably will not see green and orange tights, shirts scale in the Justice League. 

The best bit of the recording feature Barry Allen, interesting, funny, and awkward. Sure, it's a little sad that we did not get the TV version of the character, but Snyder seems to have caught the spirit of it, which is a good thing. That said, the less we talk about the costume, the better. It's weird and armored looking, almost a little Iron Man in the design. Having crotch piece pretty intense, too. Maybe it will look better when we saw it move, but on the promo image seriously ugly. 

There is not much Cyborg in the trailer, there is no Superman at all, and very little Wonder Woman (although he has his own awesome trailer hit today, so it was an unforgivable offense). All in all, this record has us very, very excited for the Justice League. It looks fantastic and like a lot of fun. Between this and the trailer Wonder Woman, DC Cinematic Universe seem to be heading in the right direction.


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